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Wapsipinicon Mill


Wapsipinicon Mill
The six story structure is 112 feet long by 62 feet wide by 102 feet tall and was used at first as a flouring mill.  The superstructure was constructed using a heavy timber frame encased with a brick wall 8 inches thick.

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Wapsipinicon Mill Brochure
Grist mills provide a rich architectural legacy.  The Wapsipinicon Mill is a unique and outstanding example of how Iowans captured the power of rivers for commercial development.  As pioneers moved and settled across Iowa, the need arose for flour mills.

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The Mills in Independence
This artist sketch or picture was found on an 1870 map of Buchanan County, Iowa.  It was probably drawn in 1868 or 1869 before the mill was completed.  Maps were generally dated with the publishing date to make the map more current.

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Buchanan County Communities
Learn more about the history of other Buchanan County Communities

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